8mm Tape Drives


8200 2.3GB Internal SCSI
8205 2.5GB Internal SCSI
8500 5GB Internal SCSI
8500C 5/10GB Internal SCSI
8505 5/10GB Internal SCSI
8505XL 7/14GB Internal SCSI
8700 7/14GB External SCSI
8705 7/14GB Internal SCSI (Eliant)

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All drives include standard 90 day parts and labor warranty

e820smExabyte 8900 Mammoth
The Exabyte Mammoth features 20/40GB capacity and 180-megabyte-per-minute native data transfer rates, Exabyte’s Mammoth records at 21.6 gigabytes per hour and can search more than 20 gigabytes in 72 seconds. Mammoth features an industry-standard 5.25-inch half-high form factor and full read-compatibility with all Exabyte 8mm drives. 250,000-hour MTBF.

  • Available in Internal or External
  • Available in 50 or 68 pin SCSI and Differential
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M2_main_picExabyte M2
Exabyte’s new M2 is the best enterprise-level high performance tape drive engineered for the midrange market.

The fastest tape drive in its class, M2 delivers a 30 MB per second compressed transfer rate, and a capacity of up to 150 GB (60 GB native). Ideal for UNIX and NT environments, M2 automatically scales its performance to match the host system, without impacting server efficiency.

The superior speed and capacity of M2 are invaluable for companies that need to store large amounts of data and retrieve them quickly and easily. M2 is a self-cleaning tape drive, equipped with conditioning heads and a dynamic cleaning wheel. Superior 225 AME media features Exabyte’s exclusive SmartClean technology with a section of cleaning tape at the beginning of each data cartridge.

For scalable data storage solutions that will work now and in the future, Exabyte’s MammothTape technology provides a robust roadmap into the 21st century.

  • Available in Internal or External
  • Available in 68 pin SCSI LVD
  • Please call or click on the button at the bottom of this page for pricing

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