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power supplies
Garson Industries specializes in APPLIED MATERIALS, CONTROL DATA, COMPAQ, DEC, ENCORE, HP, and SGI. We replace degraded components and parts that have drifted due to age and heat with the highest grade switching parts. When a repaired power supply leaves our facility, it will meet or exceed the original manufacture’s specifications. We perform a 100% burn-in at maximum loads to the OEM specifications to ensure the power supply has been repaired properly.

WARRANTY: Garson Industries offers a 1 YEAR warranty on all power supplies repaired.

TURNAROUND: Garson Industries’ standard repair time is 3-5 DAYS after receipt of the product. Some complex power supplies, or those requiring non-stock parts, may take additional time to repair properly. When or if your power supply may take additional time to repair, you will be notified immediately.

FREE EVALUATION: Garson Industries offers a free, NO CHARGE, evaluation if a flat-rate repair price can not be quoted. Send in your power supply, we evaluate and notify you what the flat-rate repair cost will be, and then we acquire your approval.

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