4mm DAT Drives

4mm DATs are a simple,  cost effective, and reliable backup solution for small to medium size businesses.

Mfc.  Model Description
HP C1533 4/8GB Int. SCSI
HP C1534 4/8GB Int. SCSI
HP C1539 4/8GB Int. SCSI
HP C1599 4/8GB Int. SCSI
HP C1554 12/24GB Int. SCSI
HP C1537 12/24GB Int. SCSI
Sony SDT5000 4/8GB Int. SCSI 3.5″
Sony SDT5010 4/8GB Int. SCSI 5.25″
Sony SDT7000 4/8GB Int. SCSI
Sony SDT9000 12/24GB Int. SCSI
Sony SDT10000 20/40GB Int. SCSI 50 pin
Sony SDT11000 20/40GB Int. SCSI 68 pin
Seagate STD28000N 4/8GB Int. SCSI
Seagate STD22000N 4/8GB Int. SCSI
Seagate STD224000N 12/24GB Int. SCSI

Contact us for unlisted models in stock

  • Available in in 3.5″ or 5.25″ form factor
  • All drives include standard 90 day parts and labor warranty, 1 year warranty also available

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