The RamSan-400 is the storage appliance built for speed. Its data storage is based on fast DDR RAM media instead of mechanical rotating drives. With a memory bus architecture similar to high performance servers, the RamSan-400 has the extra bandwidth (3 GB/sec) needed for heavy operations. Its low latency allows support for dozens of servers immediately without any performance degradation. Low latency has two advantages: it provides users with 100x faster response times and allows 100x more users to access the same volume. The RamSan-400 supports 2-8 4-Gb Fibre Channel ports operating at full speed. The RamSan-400 provides an incredible performance improvement over the best disks.

RamSan-400 highlights:

  • 3 Gigabytes per Second
  • 400,000 IOPS
  • Up to 128 GB Storage
  • 2-8 4-Gb FC Links
  • Hot-swap Modules

Typical Storage Hierarchy

As computer performance increases faster than rotational disk performance, the traditional, two-level storage hierarchy scheme needs a new performance level. The high-performance RamSan-400 fills this need by allowing users to implement a three level storage hierarchy. Even under heavy load conditions, the RamSan-400's I/O power and bandwidth make it possible for all of your computers to have immediate access to highly active data files simultaneously

Installation and Management

The RamSan-400 is as easy to install as a disk drive. In its simplest configuration, it provides a direct link to one server through a host bus adapter (HBA). In its expanded configuration, it can be linked through Fibre Channel switches to hundreds of servers or workstations via SANs. Basic management operations, including manual shutdown and any alerts, are available from the front panel screen. Full monitoring and configuration capabilities are available over any browser via a protected Java applet. The RamSan-400 is fully SNMP compatible.

Highly Reliable Storage

With any storage device, reliability is a primary concern. The RamSan-400 is designed to offer superior reliability to other solid state disks and RAID devices. Its standard features include: chipkill-protected RAM, hot swap power supplies, failover Fibre Channel ports, SNMP compatibility, three redundant internal batteries, and four redundant, hot swappable power fail backup disks.

Non-Volatile Backup Methods

The RAM used to give the RamSan-400 record-breaking performance would generally lose its data if power was lost. To ensure non-volatility, the RamSan-400 includes batteries and two distinct backup methods to its redundant internal RAID disks, configurable per LUN, to give the user the ultimate in versatility and reliability.


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