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Smart Modular/ Adtron Industrial

SMART produces standard and custom memory modules and cards in a variety of form factors. Standard memory module form factors include DIMM, SO-DIMM, FB-DIMM, SIMM, and Mini-DIMM. Standard memory card form factors include CF Card, PC Card, IDE Drive, USB Key, and Mini IDE Drive. These product form factors are supported by a wide variety of leading-edge-to-legacy technologies such as DDR2, DDR3, DDR1, PC133, EDO, FPM, NAND, and NOR. SMART has extensive long-term engineering and manufacturing expertise and can provide the right solution for your memory requirements.

Industrial Grade Storage

XceedLite 1.8" PATA SSDs
XceedLite2 2.5" PATA SSDs
XceedLite IDE

Flash Memory Cards and Modules

Xceed iSATA
XceedAT PC Card/XceedCF CompactFlash
Industrial Secure Digital Memory Card
Embedded USB Flash Drives
USB-IF Hi-Speed 2.0 Memory Keys
Linear Flash PC Cards

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