XceedSecure 2.5" Serial ATA

The XceedSecure 2.5� Serial ATA (SATA) and Parallel ATA (PATA) solid state drives (SSDs) deliver high performance, high capacity storage solutions optimized for defense, aerospace and other applications requiring durable, rugged and secure storage.
Powered by the patent-pending ArrayPro� technology, XceedSecure SSD products provide sustained read/write performance to meet the needs of high throughput applications such as flight data recorders and sensor data capture. XceedSecure storage products are also well suited for high-reliability telemetry, surveillance, and mission-critical applications.

The 2.5-inch XceedSecure SSDs are available with SATA or PATA interfaces for easy integration into your applications. XceedSecure SSD products are more reliable, offer superior performance, and require less power and cooling than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). Conforming to �true� industrial grade standards, the XceedSecure SSDs are superior to typical SSDs and HDDs in terms of ruggedness, vibration and shock resistance, and environmental resilience � critical factors in no-compromise applications.


  • Highest SLC NAND flash capacity in a 9.5mm height form factor
  • EraSure technology meets current military and IRIG 106-07 data declassification standards
  • �ZAP� Destructive Erase technology
  • Powered by ArrayPro performance engine
  • True industrial grade storage solution for �no-compromise� applications
  • Advanced flash management for enhanced reliability and durability

Secure Your Data
Designed to meet the needs of defense applications, EraSure� technology complies with current military data elimination standards, providing multiple levels of secure erase techniques.

  • EraSure Clear provides a fast data elimination function that enables erasing of data in seconds.
  • EraSure Sanitize uses agency defined or unique customer defined sanitization procedures, allowing full media declassification.
  • EraSure complies with IRIG 106-07, chapter 10.8, addressing the specific needs of flash architectures and data structures. It allows for
    bad block handling, and for reviewing the secure erase results to verify that all classified data has been eliminated.

In addition, access control features include write protection for added data security.

Destructive Erase
ZAP technology uses a destructive erase technique that destroys access to a drive. Triggered by a hardware input, a high energy pulse destroys access to each flash chip on the drive, rendering the drive inoperable.


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