XceedSCSI 3.5" Narrow and 3.5" Wide


The XceedSCSI family of 3.5� solid state drives (SSDs) provide reliable and durable storage solutions for SCSI-based systems. With support for standard SCSI commands, SMART�s XceedSCSI products can be quickly integrated into existing systems.

XceedSCSI 3.5� Narrow and 3.5� Wide
Designed for heavy duty operation, SMART�s XceedSCSI 3.5� Narrow and XceedSCSI 3.5� Wide perform under conditions of extended temperatures, high shock and vibration and rapid temperature gradients. A range of capacities are available to meet the needs of virtually every application. SMART�s XceedSCSI 3.5� Narrow and XceedSCSI 3.5� Wide products utilize ArrayPro� technology to deliver exceptional sustained read/write performances to meet demanding application needs. With enhanced operating reliability, extended MTBF, and rugged durability, the 3.5� SCSI products excel in mission-critical applications where the cost of lost data is high.


  • Up to 32GB capacity in a 14.6mm height; up to 128GB in a 25.4mm height
  • Delivers high reliability, durability and data integrity by integrating SLC NAND flash with advanced flash management
  • Both SCSI Narrow and Wide interfaces available
  • Available in industrial (-40�C to 85 �C) and commercial (0�C to 70�C) operating temperate ranges

XceedSCSI 3.5� PC Card Drive
The XceedSCSI 3.5� PC Card Drive delivers industry standard SCSI compatibility and PC Card hot swapping.
SMART�s XceedSCSI 3.5� PC Card Drive meets the removable media requirements in a wide range of applications, including mission data
transfers in military aircraft, image transfers from a professional class digital camera to a graphics workstation and SCSI hard disk replacement in embedded computers.
Single and dual slot versions mount in a 3.5-inch floppy drive bay. Used with ATA flash PC Cards, the XceedSCSI 3.5� PC Card Drive provides the durability and reliability of a solid state, removable storage device for commercial or industrial temperature ranges.


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