USB-IF Hi-Speed 2.0 Memory Keys


Linear Flash PC Cards support true random access so reads literally happen in a flash. Not only can these cards access stored data rapidly; they can also execute programs directly from the card. This opens the doors for vertical applications.

Non volatile Linear Flash cards are used in a variety of applications, including networking and telecom equipment, industrial controls and instrumentation.

Random access, ruggedness and reliability are the basic qualities required of Linear Flash cards. Adding convenient size and low power consumption makes a sure winner.

Linear Flash cards are fully PC Card (Type I) compatible and operate faster than hard disks, but are removable like floppy disks. Since there are no moving parts, Linear Flash cards operate reliably in conditions that can be normally hostile to data. These cards use solid state components that can be used day-in-day-out because they are far more reliable than the moveable parts of hard drives.


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