SCSI QIC �" Tape Drive Emulator to PCMCIA/ CF (QIC Tape Drive Emulation)


The SCSI QIC tape emulator allows CF Cards up to 16GB to attach to the SCSI bus. It is seen as a SCSI QIC 1/4" tape drive by the host computer. The SCSI Tape emulator can operate with many other SCSI QIC 1/4" tape drives and can be programmed to suit the host systems requirement.

CF card is seen as a SCSI QIC �" Tape Drive Emulator to the Host
Compact Flash card, which will be seen as a regular SCSI QIC �" tape drive on the Host�s SCSI bus


  • Small format PCB converts Compact Flash Media to appear as a SCSI QIC 1/4" tape drive on a Host�s SCSI bus
  • 3.5� form factor PCB which will replace any 3.5� or 5 �� SCSI QIC 1/4" tape drive
  • Will fit in a 3.5� disk slot using the same mountings
  • SCSI Host will typically see the device as a QIC 1/4" tape drive of any emulation
  • Board is low power, using 5V only, and has an optional add-on display and pushbutton user interface
  • Microcode is field upgradable via integral serial port
  • Optional integration support available if required


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