IBM3590/ Fujitsu 3490E Emulator (IBM 3590 Emulator / Fujitsu 3490E Emulation)


The 3490E series 36-track M2483N/ND and M2485N/ND/N1/ND1 tape drives were used in many applications. These drives are no longer manufactured and tape repair houses are finding increasingly difficult to get spare parts. Some applications are written to only operate with this drive, which yields a problem when the drive fails and cannot be repaired.

The IBM3590/ Fujitsu 3490E Tape Emulator is a small stand alone flash disk product that emulates a Fujitsu 3490E that will plug & play with these applications.


  • A Virtual SCSI Tape Drive Emulation for a Flash Disk
  • Emulates 3490E, IBM3590, or DLT4000 SCSI tape drives
  • Zero tape positioning times � useful for quick file positioning when reading the �tape�
  • Removable Disk drive can be treated as a single tape media
  • Disks can be any size from 1Gb to 146Gb
  • Disks are solid state Flash disks�providing a rugged media
  • Eliminates problems of slow backups shoeshining the tape drive, which eventually leads to failures
  • Can be dual-ported so that two ore more Hosts can share the unit
  • The disk itself can also be saved back to a regular tape drive in an off-line fashion.� simply connect the tape drive and select this
    function in the menu
  • Simple Plug & Play installation
  • A small, lightweight alternative to the 3490E tape drive itself
  • Informative front panel LCD display shows current tape activity and write/read backup


Board size: 3.5� Form factor � 3.75�x5.5�.

Compact Flash: Standard 3M header for Type 1 & 2 cards, Push button Ejector to remove CF

Power: 5 Volts only @ 0.8 Watt (Typical) + CF requirement

Power connector: Standard Disk drive type SCSI-1 and 2 Compatible. 50 pin DIL 0.1� Connector

SCSI transfer rate: 10Mbytes/second

LCD Display: (optional) 2X16 backlit display with push button (mounted externally) for SCSI set-up , real time activity display and real-time diagnostics

Programmable to Emulate any other SCSI ZIP/ JAZ emulators

RS232 Serial Port for microcode load and real time diagnostics.


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