Smart Cards


Smart card-based services are proliferating to encompass an ever-widening sphere of activity. From confidential transactions - such as online purchases, personal banking or health-record access - to operations requiring electronic signatures or network authentication, secure services have become a way of life.

SanDisk offers a complete range of trusted, standard-compliant smart card solutions to secure this growing array of everyday activity.

Training, consulting and personalization
SanDisk offers consulting services and training programs tailored to meet specific customer requirements. SanDisk's Smart Card Production and Personalization Center implements the latest technological advances for card production, and enforces strict standards for all plastics manufacturing, chip embedding, and electrical and graphic personalization processes.


  • ID services: SanDisk smart cards are used for high-security identification of a range of applications, including electronic signatures, broadband network authentication and communications ciphering.
  • Banking services: SanDisk smart cards support a wide offering of services - including electronic purse and dual-interface (contactless) transactions - and comply with leading industry standards such as Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV)
  • Health services: No data is more personal or sensitive than health records. SanDisk smart cards keep these records secure, helping to ensure confidentiality.
  • Transportation services: SanDisk smart cards provide smart solutions for transportation, such as dual-interface electronic purse capabilities that optimize transaction speed for mass transportation applications.
  • Telecommunication services: The SanDisk family of SIM cards, available in up to 1GB capacities, is designed to give subscribers quick, secure and easy access to mobile services, while providing mobile network operators (MNOs) with new and compelling revenue sources.




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