Mobile Ultra� microSD� and microSDHC� Memory Cards


SanDisk� introduces SanDisk� Mobile Ultra� memory cards, supporting fast data transfer speeds and designed for users who frequently transfer large media files between their PCs and multimedia phones.

The SanDisk Mobile Ultra line of high-performance memory cards provides ultra fast high-capacity solutions to shorten the time users spend managing their music, videos, photos and games on their phones. SanDisk Mobile Ultra memory cards are plug-n-play with pocket-sized, USB 2.0 compatible SanDisk� MobileMate� Micro card readers to make connecting to a PC a snap!

When bundled with mulitmedia handsets, Mobile Ultra memory cards provide users with an �out of the box" multimedia experience.

SanDisk Mobile Ultra storage cards with SanDisk multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash technology, flash controller and flash management software are reliable high-capacity storage companions for any feature-rich multimedia handset. SanDisk offers Mobile Ultra microSD, microSD High Capacity and Memory Stick Micro M2 cards, available in capacities of up to 8GB.



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