Memory Stick Micro (M2)


The Memory Stick Micro (M2) is approximately one-third the size of the existing MS PRO Duo (MS PRO) product. The Memory Stick M2 continues the Memory Stick PRO Duo legacy by supporting full backwards compatibility (using a mechanical adapter) with all Memory Stick PRO hosts. In addition, an optional low-voltage interface addresses the 1.8V power supply requirements of the mobile handset market.

The Memory Stick M2 measures 12.5mm x 15.0mm x 1.2mm, weighs 0.42 grams, and is available in capacities from 64MB to 4GB. The Memory Stick M2 offers host designers numerous advantages over the previous versions of the Memory Stick and Memory Stick PRO Duo. These advantages include easier and smaller host mechanical designs, support for low voltage 1.8V interface and longer host-system battery life. Similar to its Memory Stick PRO Duo predecessor, the Memory Stick M2 interface supports data transfer speeds of up to 20MB/sec.


  • One-third the size of Memory Stick PRO Duo card
  • Embedded MagicGate technology for secure transfer and playback of copyright protected content
  • Used in mobile phones to store music, pictures and video
  • Compatible with all Memory Stick PRO devices with the use of an adapter



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