SanDisk Family of SIM Cards


The SanDisk family of SIM cards is designed to give subscribers quick, secure and easy access to mobile services, providing mobile network operators (MNOs) with new and compelling revenue sources.

Our innovative architecture maintains complete SIM functionality compatible with legacy industry standards, and delivers independent processing power, high-speed interfaces, advanced cryptography, and high-capacity flash storage for both MNO-driven and subscriber-generated content.

SanDisk Trusted FlashT technology and MegaSIMT cards together create the ultimate solution for secure content management for mobile phones. With its ability to securely store both content and associated access rights, the solution enables new ways of deploying applications and content services to generate new revenue streams.

SanDisk's MegaSIM cards deliver the security and capacities that MNOs and content providers require, and the data storage that subscribers desire in today's mobile world.

SanDisk SIM cards are based on the award-winning M.MAR operating system. Offering wide mobile network support, the series includes SIM cards that meet existing GSM standards, USIM cards that support both 2G and 3G standards, and CSIM cards that bridge CDMA and GSM networks.

SanDisk MegaSIM series: high performance, high capacity of up to 1GB
The SanDisk MegaSIM series is a smart mobile storage platform that enables the delivery of compelling new services and mobile content to subscribers, empowering MNOs to increase average revenue per subscriber. The abundant storage capacity, advanced security features and independent processing power delivered by MegaSIM cards enable myriad services such as secure downloading of content, audio and video clips, flexible DRM including on-card rights management, and MNO-based personalization and branding.




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