Cruzer� Enterprise FIPS 140-2 with McAfee Protection


SanDisk Enterprise has teamed with McAfee, a leading global security technology company, to provide a ground-breaking solution for Flash Drive Security that protects against malware infection and data leakage. The joint solution, Cruzer� Enterprise FIPS 140-2 with McAfee Protection, includes encryption, password protection, and malware scanning to deliver multiple tiers of protection to secure USB flash drives.

Cruzer� Enterprise FIPS 140-2 with McAfee Protection is built on SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise secure USB flash drive, which imposes mandatory, hardware-based encryption on all files together with password protection to safeguard data stored on company-issued drives both within and outside the office environment. By deploying Cruzer Enterprise USB devices in the enterprise, businesses can mitigate the risk of data loss by ensuring that data on the USB device remains inaccessible without the appropriate encryption key or password.

Cruzer� Enterprise FIPS 140-2 with McAfee Protection extends these security defenses with automatic, device-resident malware scanning, which helps ensure that the USB flash drives and the corporate networks with which they connect are free of malicious code. Cruzer� Enterprise FIPS 140-2 with McAfee Protection leverages the advanced capabilities of the McAfee scan engine to automatically detect and prevent USB-borne threats. This multi-tiered defense of encryption, password protection, and anti-malware singles out Cruzer Enterprise secure USB with McAfee Malware Protection as the industry standard for flash drive security.


Flash Drive Security at Multiple Tiers

  • Implements always-on, AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption.
  • Stores files in password-protected partition.
  • Provides automatic, device-resident malware scanning that prevents malicious files from being transferred to the secure USB flash drive.

Enhances Productivity, Increases Business Agility

  • Provides a portable yet secure means to transfer files and use applications via secure USB flash drives.
  • By ensuring more secure USB flash drive use by employees, allows businesses to operate at the speed of business.

CMC Eases Secure USB Administration

  • Turnkey, integrated solution enforces continuous enforcement of policy of data protection in the enterprise.
  • Coordinates complete lifecycle of secure USB flash drives.
  • Eases auditing for regulatory compliance with full audit trail capabilities and dynamic reporting.


  • Microsoft� Windows� 2000 SP4 or higher
  • Windows XP SP1 or higher
  • Windows 2003 server
  • Windows Vista




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