Embedded Flash Drives (EFDs)

Today's mobile handsets and portable handheld media players have become multimedia centers, packed with features such as digital still cameras, games and music and video players.

The SanDisk mDOC and iNAND� embedded flash drives (EFDs) are designed to smartly address both system design complexity and NAND reliability challenges. Both substantially improve system performance, reduce power consumption and are available in a wide range of capacities.

The SanDisk EFD product line advances embedded flash drive architecture. By building smart flash management software into its controller as firmware, rather than running it on the host processor, and by standardizing the hardware interface, SanDisk EFDs:

� Ensure device reliability
� Maximize device life expectancy
� Mask inherent raw NAND flaws

By integrating their advanced flash management technology internally as firmware, the SanDisk EFD can help OEMs do away with traditional design trade-offs. OEMs can now tap into the latest, most cost-effective NAND flash technologies and minimize integration-associated risks and delays. SanDisk EFDs help OEMs meet aggressive time-to-market schedules, within budget

SanDisk mDOC H3

SanDisk iNAND�





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