SanDisk 3D One-Time-Programmable (OTP) TSOP is designed to meet the increasing storage requirements of advanced portable electronics such as smart phones, PDAs, GPS receivers, audio/video players, gaming handsets, and electronic toys. SanDisk's TSOP package is the ideal storage solution for storing music, video, games, maps, reference material, and a variety of other rich, multimedia applications that require low cost, OTP, high capacity, secure, non-volatile memory.

Offered in a tiny 8 x 14mm package with capacities ranging from 256Mb-1Gbit, SanDisk's 32-pin TSOP employs an industry standard NAND interface to ensure drop-in compatibility with existing flash designs. No Bad Blocks ensures full capacity utility and built-in Error Correcting (ECC) guarantees data reliability by protecting against single-bit field failures.


  • One-Time-Programmable: OTP, write-once memory ensures long-term data storage
  • Low cost: Lowest cost/bit, write-once semiconductor memory on the market
  • High Capacity: Density range of 256Mb-1Gbit supports advanced, feature-rich, multimedia applications. No bad blocks ensures full capacity utility
  • Secure: Write-once, non-volatile memory ensures long-term data storage. Write-protect capabilities protect against data corruption
  • Compatible: Standard NAND flash interface for drop-in compatibility with existing flash designs
  • Flexible: Programmability reduces inventory management risks, complexity, and costs; Allows for seamless, late-stage integration of software updates, feature upgrades, and bug fixes.




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