SanDisk 3D-OPT SD ROM Cards


SanDisk 3D-OTP cards are designed for use in consumer electronic devices such as smart phones, audio/video players, gaming handsets, digital cameras, and electronic toys, where they can be used to store digital audio, video, games, images, maps , and a variety of other rich, digital multimedia applications.

The popularity of mobile content, entertainment services, personalization services, and wireless connectivity has attracted a wide range of players to this market. SanDisk 3D-OTP Memory provides fast time-to-market along with more memory for a given budget to enable players in this market to capitalize on a variety of revenue opportunities.


Low cost/bit combined with a density range of 32MB-128MB, allows content players to cost-effectively provide mass distribution of rich, "plug & play" multimedia content and offers the following additional benefits:


  • Simple "plug & play" usage model captures greater market share/revenues
  • Cost efficient way to pack more features into portable devices
  • Enables mass distribution of content to enhance end-user experience

  • Lifts storage burden off device to allow for lower BOM costs
  • Enables flexible and inexpensive bundles of value-added content cards

  • Increases revenue opportunities from after-market accessory sales
  • Promotes uptake of new services; partially loaded cards allow sampling of content and increased airtime from downloadable "unlock" content keys

  • Attractive "impulse buy" price points promote accessory business to grow revenues/profits

SanDisk offers a full Quick-Turn-Programming Service that meets the critical cost and schedule requirements of content providers, designers, network operators, and OEMs.





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