Secure PMCStor 9247 / 9248


The Secure PMCStor is a secure solid state storage solution that provides secure erasure and/or write-protection of sensitive data in PMC form factor. Suitable for a wide range of commercial and military applications including ground mobile, shipboard, airborne and homeland security, the Secure PMCStor privides a unique hardware-based implementation of both data erasure and write protect. 

The Secure PMCStor provides two erasure levels - destructive or non-destructive.  Security features can be initiated via front panel or externally mounted switches.


  • Hardware initiated Secure-Erase feature offers two fast erasure levels: destructive or non-destructive
  • Write-Protect feature is a function of the hardware and is enabled via an external signal or switch
  • Provision for on-board BIOS for system boot directly from storage media
  • Support for multiple storage vendors enables ideal selection for environmental performance
  • Convection or conduction cooled; uses industrial temperature range components (-40�C to +85�C operating); conformal coating required for extended temperature operation
  • Complete solution includes storage, PMC and software. Each assembled unit is configured and undergoes functional testing to confirm reliable operation of the entire unit before shipment



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