Ethernet SAN

Coupling Ethernet technology with SATA hard disk drives, EtherDrive� SAN solutions exploit commodity components to deliver affordable, fast SAN solutions that are budget friendly! EtherDrive� SAN solutions accept standard SATA hard disk drives, so whether you use your own SATA compliant 3.5� disk drives or our certified enterprise class disk drives, you are in control!

EtherDrive SAN solutions use the open ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) lightweight network storage protocol. Simple. Easy to understand. Easy to use. AoE uses Ethernet to transport ATA disk commands without the burden of TCP/IP overhead, thereby enabling disk drives to become AoE devices connected directly to an Ethernet network. An AoE device can be a single physical disk or a logical device made up of multiple disks. An EtherDrive SAN appliance is an AoE target device.

EtherDrive SR431

EtherDrive SR1521

EtherDrive SR1661

EtherDrive SR2421 24TB

EtherDrive SR2461

EtherDrive LD2461


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