Ethernet File Transfer for Legacy Computers

The TES-IP is a replacement system for 9-track tape drives using the industry standard formatted Pertec tape drive interface. It contains a microprocessor based controller for connecting a Pertec type tape controller to a standard SCSI disk drive and then through another single board computer to a TCP/IP Ethernet based network.

Images shows: TES-IP shown with network controls (upper right); local tape controls (upper left) and a Magneto-Optical, MO drive (lower left) for local storage and backup of tape files.

The TES-IP interprets the Pertec interface commands and performs those operations using the SCSI commands to drive a standard SCSI disk drive such as the Magneto-Optical removable disk cartridge device. The SCSI device provides a nonvolatile temporary storage buffer for data files written from the host computer.

The TES-IP is powered by a new embedded computer platform, the Cyclone II. The Cyclone II is used for other Reactive products such as the NAS FileZerver, as a result, the TES-IP has inherited many of the user features of the FileZerver product. The MO SCSI device is also connected to the Cyclone II running a Linux operating system. The Cyclone II provides connectivity to other medium such as CD-ROM or a TCP/IP based LAN, WAN, or the Internet. Files created by the host computer are converted to the proper format for these other medium by a file conversion application running under Linux. These files may be in turn saved on another medium compatible with a variety of other operating file systems, or can be accessed from a remote computer using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc. Files may be transferred by FTP, e-mail, or other web based file transfer protocols.

Various configurations are available to suit a variety of applications. The SCSI device may be a fixed hard drive, removable hard drive, or removable media Magneto-Optical drive. Custom file conversion software is available as an option.


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