HKD-6200 - 8 Disk Replacement System


Used on the Evans & Sutherland SP1, SP2 and SP3 and the McDonnell Douglas VITAL IV.

The HKD-6200 has been designed to directly replace the obsolete AED 6200 range of 8" Floppy Disk Storage Systems commonly found on Flight Simulator Image Generators.  In fact it occupies the same slot as the original unit!

The HKD-6200 emulates the read/write command set of the AED 6200 allowing it to integrate into existing environments without the need to modify any host hardware/software.

Upon installation, the 8" AED disk images are copied to standard 3" disks. The HKD-6200 is then used in the exact same way as the AED 6200. The 3" disks can be duplicated as required using the built-in Copy function, without the need to use the awkward visual computer utilities. The entire installation can be accomplished in 20-30 minutes.
It's that simple!

Optional PC Utilities are available, from the
HK Development Web Site,  which allow off-line disk formatting, copying, backup and directory listings where access to the host is not desirable.

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