Replaces Data General Winchester Disk Subsystem
Models 6097 / 6098 / 6099 / 6100 / 6101 / 6102 / 6103 / 6104 / 6105
No Hardware or Software Changes Required

Improved Performance and Features:

Fully Cached, SCSI Interface, Multiple Volumes, Offline Backup and Restore, Self Test, Reduced
Power Requirement, Reduce Weight, Plug Compatible with original drive, and 3U 19" Rack

Low Maintenance - Reliable Operation

The AEM-9C uses SCSI disk drives for low maintenance operation. Drives are rated in excess of
300,000 hours MTBF and up to five years of continuous operation. Drives appear defect-free to the
host computer. Backup drive option is available in either fixed or removable SCSI Hard Drive,
Magneto Optical, DAT Tape, or PCMCIA Flash


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