Use SCSI Drives on SMD Controllers

AEM-1, Plug-Compatible replacements for SMD and SMD-E disk drives.


  • SMD thru SMD-E interface compatibility
  • 8 MB to 4.2 GB capacity - Defect Free
  • Data transfer rates up to 24 Mbits per second
  • Single Port or Dual Port
  • Available with fixed, removable, or MO drive
  • Rack Mount or Table Top enclosure
  • Data Erase per DoD 5220.22-M
  • Continuous Self-test.

NEW capabilities Upgrade SMD drives.

Optional Features:

  • 100% Verified Backup to second disk, QIC tape, or Magneto-Optical disk
  • RAID-1 Internal Mirroring and On-line Copy
  • Multiple Volumes on a single drive.




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